The Dental Geek Features Mydent’s Contribution

dental geekThe Dental Geek, a popular blog about working in the dental industry, recently featured content contribution from Mydent International.  In the post, Mydent included several helpful tips covering social marketing for dentists on Facebook.

For example, “Many studies show that pictures provide more engagement with fans. As people scroll down the newsfeed, a picture is more likely to attract their attention (especially if it is humorous or unique).”

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DEFEND Spore Testing Now Available

Mydent International has introduced its new DEFEND Mail-in Spore Testing Service, available for steam, chemical vapor, dry heat and ethylene oxide sterilizers.  As one of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring, this service offers dental professionals reliable testing of their autoclaves.

Mydent’s Spore Testing Service provides test results within 24 hours of receipt of registered tests via its new, secure online web portal, located at  With easy to follow instructions that can be found at, this service includes detailed documentation of test results as well as a reminder system to help dental professionals stay on schedule.