New DEFEND Desensitizer Added to Preventative Product Line

Desensitizer BottleMydent International’s newest addition to its preventative line is the DEFEND DesensitizerA universal desensitizing agent, this product can be placed under dental cements as well as temporary, provisional or final restorative materials to reduce postoperative sensitivity.  It can also be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations, placed either conventional or bonded.

DEFEND Desensitizer contains HEMA to aid bonding primers to penetrate etched dentin. The HEMA base in DEFEND Desensitizer helps seal tubules, giving immediate relief from pain due to hypersensitivity.

Most dentin resin bonding materials will benefi­t from the DEFEND Desensitizer application. Its application reliably reduces post-op sensitivity by supporting the collagen framework for easier penetration of the adhesive, thus enhancing the dentin bond.

Offered in a 10ml Bottle, DEFEND Desensitizer is available through most dental dealers.

Mydent Now Offering Dual Fit Face Masks

DUAL FIT FACE MASKSMydent International has improved popular Ear-Loop “Diffuser” and “Breathe E Z” face masks with a newly designed dual fit chin contour technology.

The new design features a form-fitting pliable nose and adjustable chin band, providing a custom fit for enhanced protection.  Mydent’s “Diffuser” mask (MK-1046 Blue / MK-1056 Pink) has an anti-fog moisture absorbent nosepiece, 99% Filtration @ 0.1μm and soft, 3-ply pleated material for ultimate comfort. The “Breathe E-Z” mask (MK-1246 Blue / MK-1256 Pink / MK-1256 Lavender) is easy breathing and economical with a soft inner lining for comfort.

Dual fit “Diffuser” and “Breathe E-Z” masks are packaged 50 per box.

FREE Samples (based on availability)


DEFEND Spore Testing Now Available

Mydent International has introduced its new DEFEND Mail-in Spore Testing Service, available for steam, chemical vapor, dry heat and ethylene oxide sterilizers.  As one of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring, this service offers dental professionals reliable testing of their autoclaves.

Mydent’s Spore Testing Service provides test results within 24 hours of receipt of registered tests via its new, secure online web portal, located at  With easy to follow instructions that can be found at, this service includes detailed documentation of test results as well as a reminder system to help dental professionals stay on schedule.  

Mydent International Introduces DEFEND Dental Needles

Mydent International introduces Dental Needles, the latest in its line of DEFEND procedural products. To protect dental professionals, these needles specify lot #, size and sterile seal on each individual casing.

DEFEND Dental Needles are triple-beveled and feature an arrow indicator to help orient the bevel position during injections. Constructed of a stainless steel; polypropylene hub with aluminum insert, the needles are siliconized to help ensure a gentle insertion into tissue for minimal discomfort. In addition, the pre-threaded plastic hub facilitates a straight attachment to the syringe, creating a secure fit.

Licensed dental professionals are able to request samples for their office by emailing DEFEND Dental Needles are designed for use on standard 1.8mL dental syringes and are color coded for easy diameter identification. Available through most dental dealers, the product is packaged 100 units per box.

Mydent International Introduces DEFEND Bite Trays


Made of a thin, durable occlusal mesh material, DEFEND Bite Trays offer a unique design featuring a rigid frame and thumb tab that is firm, wide and easy to grip.

Individually wrapped to provide increased protection, DEFEND single use Bite Trays facilitate accurate final impressions. Comparable to Triple Trays and other market leaders, DEFEND Bite Trays offer the highest quality and exceptional value. These Bite Trays are available through dealers in 4 styles — anterior, posterior, sideless posterior, and quadrant.


Mydent Introduces Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Mydent International introduces Temporary Crown and Bridge Material, the latest in its line of DEFEND products. The new Temporary Crown and Bridge Material is fast and accurate, especially when used in conjunction with a quality vinyl polysiloxane impression material such as Super Hydrophilic VPS (Monophase).

DEFEND Temporary Crown and Bridge Material is a syringeable bis-acryl composite for chairside provisional restorations. The product is available in 5 shades: A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and Bleach BL. All are delivered in 76g (76mL) cartridges designed to fit on a 10:1 style automix gun.

DEFEND Temporary Crown and Bridge Material is now available through most dental dealers.


Mydent Introduces DEFEND Pit & Fissure Sealant

Mydent International introduces Light Curing Pit and Fissure Sealant, the latest in its line of DEFEND preventative products.

This product covers and seals pits and fissures in occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth to aid resistance to caries in those surfaces. DEFEND Pit and Fissure Sealant, which features a very low viscosity flowable resin system, has a white opaque color to help identify retention at recall appointments. The direct delivery syringe system provides a quick and easy application method. In addition, the resin cures quickly to form a hard and retentive sealant.

DEFEND Pit and Fissure Sealant contains 4 -1GM Syringes LC Opaque Sealant, 1-3ml Bottle Etchant Liquid and 6 -22GA Black Metal Pre-Bent Syringe Tips. This product is now available through most dental dealers.